8-week mindfulness based one-to-one mentorship program

My Mindfulnest

In this program you will work with Katie every week on mindfulness meditations to help integrate techniques, tools, and coping mechanisms into your daily life. The focus is on guiding you to develop confidence for creating the necessary shifts so you will work together on particular issues that are holding you back from living the life you love. You will learn what triggers you have, how or why things show up and how to respond not react in a healthy, attainable and sustainable way so that it becomes a lifestyle. This is a personal journey and tailored program to meet your needs and allow you to step towards your highest self.

Katie offers a “Complimentary Intro Session” 

"Meditation" is only one letter away from "Mediation" and "Medication"

Personalized Program

What you can achieve

  • Make better decisions that will take you closer to happiness and fulfillment and which are not driven by stress, anxiety and fear.
  • Develope a deeper understanding of yourself and learn how to intelligently respond to problems, rather than to react.
  • Learn how to love both yourself and your body by developing positive self-care practices, rather than indulging in negative, self-destructive practices.
  • Identify behavior patterns and ways of thinking that are holding you back from achieving your goals and establishing more positive behaviors and thoughts.
  • Tap into your creative potential to allow you to express yourself in new ways and follow pursuits that bring you more joy.
  • Attract better people and relationships into your life, including a loving relationship with a partner.


LaurenNew York City, USA


KarenBrisbane, QLD