Paradise Pillows

Unique handcrafted eye pillows that act as aromatherapy and therapeutic pressure to help you relax, block out light, calm the mind or rejuvenate tired eyes. Great for insomnia, headaches and naps!

These pillows were inspired by Katie’s favorite yoga pose….SAVASANA! And what’s even better than getting to lay down after a long or quite often a challenging class or day? … a blissful eye pillow to help ease your rest. She started to handmake them for her students in class, then as gifts and now it is her dream for everyone to have access to a more blissful sleep so that every day can feel like a day in paradise!

((Warning)) May cause a deep state of relaxation. Do not operate heavy machinery while in use…

Just one wink away from paradise

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Paradise in Progress...

Why they are so unique

NO two are alike with a different cut of fabric for each. Not only that but they are personally Reiki’d with a pinch of paradise and come filled with:

  • Rice (for weight)
  • Lavender (for relaxation)
  • Crystals (for healing)
  • Reiki (for love)

Your standard pillow includes Rose & Clear Quartz crystals but you can create your own and choose from a range of other crystals.  For healing properties, to find out more or to order one

“As a migraine sufferer, I am always looking for solutions that provide relief. For anyone that gets migraines, they know that is not easy to find – until now. I keep my Paradise Pillow in the freezer so that whenever I feel the onset of a migraine, I can grab my pillow and find instant relief. Though I am normally sensitive to smells when experiencing a migraine, something about the lavender is so soothing. And there is absolutely nothing that compares to the material, especially when cold. ”

LaurenNew York City

“I am a new mum with a baby and this pillow has been an absolute game changer, This pillow has enabled me to give myself a little bit of luxury each day. I shut my eyes with the pillow on top and can simply relax at any time of the day, sometimes twice. I particularly like this brand due to the smell and the size. I love this pillow so much! It was the best gift I got from my baby shower! I would highly recommend this pillow to any Momma!”


“The Paradise Pillows are great for blocking out the light and letting you sleep when there is daylight. They also smell wonderful. Myself and friends are all enjoying these little eye pillows”


“I love the Paradise Pillow! I take mine to yoga class and use it during relaxation and also when I can’t sleep in the middle of the night. It smells so heavenly and the gentle weight of the crystals makes it especially soothing… What a beautiful and lovingly crafted product”


“Living in the city, it’s not easy to find “peace and quiet.” The Paradise Pillow allows me to transform my generally fast-paced, busy life into a calm, relaxing spa – wherever I am, whenever I want. I never travel without my pillow and love that I have the positive energy from the crystals and the soothing scent of lavender with me at all times.”

AlyssaNew York City

“The Paradise Pillow is ultimate relaxation and meditation aid. Its gentle weight, silky texture and lavender scent is very soothing and a wonderful energy emanates from the crystals inside.”


“Katie had given me a paradise Pillow as a birthday gift, and boy was I clueless as to how much this little precious love enriched little gift would bless my life. Shortly after receiving this pillow I went through a difficult emotional time of my life. I was completely broken down, and unable to leave my bed for 24 hours. I would lay with the pillow over my eyes, and I felt such comfort and love as I overcame my emotional pain. That pillow was a pillar of support to me in so many more ways than one. it not only is enriched with healing lavender, but the crystals that Katie Reikid herself with love was truly felt by me and is continued to be felt by me even as I use it in a time of my life where I am not in emotional pain. It enriches my naps, and my sleep at night. Most especially when I am struggling to drift away. The moment i reach for that pillow and place it over my eyes my body immediately feels like it has fallen into a pool of peace and it trickles down from my eyes to my toes. This is also something I take with me to yoga to enhance my savasana! This pillow is truly special and unlike anything else. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves a healing peaceful deep rest.”


““I use mine nearly every day, and knowing the maker of Paradise Pillows also makes me confident about giving them as presents. I know all the loving intention that has gone into their making.”


“Katie's Paradise Pillow is medicine. I have found it has helped me rest better, the weight and scent is perfect for my face and I can be off in a dream or a rest without even noticing it's presence. I am so grateful for this beautiful gift as I connect more deeply with myself through Paradise Pillows. Love.”

AriannaNew York City, USA

“As a yoga student I loved using eye pillows both in relaxation in class and to help me relax and fall asleep easily. I was gifted a paradise pillow and found that it deepened my sense of relaxation, like it was super charged. I now use paradise pillows in my small group classes and my students look forward to savasana and pillow time!”

LouisSydney, NSW

“As soon as I bring the pillow close, I am able to smell the lavender and it does exactly what it is meant to do to. It completely centers me and I genuinely feel at peace. My Paradise Pillow is a staple in my life - it seriously is like gold to me!”

RonnieNew Jersey, USA

“I love my Paradise Pillow, the minute the scent hits my nose, I instantly feel peaceful. The weight of it is perfect over my eyes too! ”

AlishaBrisbane, AU

“Omg Katie, your Paradise Pillow makes my savasana go from good to OHM-mazing! Thank you so much!”