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Workspace Yoga & Meditation

Corporate Wellness is a cost-effective solution to promote health, wellness and employee engagement at your workplace. The ancient practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness provide the perfect remedy for the often stressful aspects of life we are faced with each day including stress, anxiety, sitting too long, repetitive strain, technology overload and feelings of disconnection.

Mindfulness in the Workplace: 3 Benefits For Ever Organization

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Sharper minds, calmer bodies...

Benefits include:

  • Employees that are happy and full of energy, as a result, are more productive
  • Decline in stress-related sick occurrences
  • Improved concentration, decision-making skills and ability to multi-task
  • Improves employee alertness and ability to react more calmly in demanding situations
  • Relief of head, neck and back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, high blood pressure and work-related injuries from repetitive motion
  • Better customer service & enhanced employee attitude and outlook
  • General well-being in the workplace which reduces employee turnover
  • And many more…

“I’ve done a little yoga and find it very helpful as my aging form is starting to lose flexibility. It’s a great initiative by Mirvac, please pass on my appreciation. It was great to just take time out of the day to clear the head and stretch the muscles”

Tenant at 340 Adelaide St.Brisbane, QLD

“I have been attending Lunch-Time Yoga Classes with Katie for the last few months and can recommend it to anyone who may benefit from taking time-out to relax, stretch and de-stress. Katie encourages everyone to go at their own pace and adds those extra finishing touches to her class that ensure it is an enjoyable experience.”

Leisa Brisbane, QLD

“Very life and work enhancing! I have practised yoga for the best part of 35 years, so I know what I’m looking for in a class. Katie really delivers a great blend of clear instruction, variety of poses and focus on the spiritual elements, all in her own delightful style. I look forward to the 45 minutes away from the desk to re-balance and re-charge – can’t recommend Katie’s classes highly enough.”

Jane - The Smith FamilyBrisbane, QLD

“Katie’s classes are relaxed and engaging. She walks you step by step through each movement, corrects your pose when needed, and empowers us to stretch more and more as the week’s progress. Katie mentions one or two meditations during her class, and during shavasana gives little massages that are well welcomed by everyone who gets one during the class. Katie’s classes allow us to look after our bodies and minds, packed in a 45 lunch-time session. ”

Cristina - OracleBrisbane, QLD

“The first time I entered Kathlyn's class I hadn’t been doing yoga for a while. I was stiff and tender, and she showed respect and thoughtfulness of my current body state and adjusted the class accordingly. Her loving smile and gentle voice woke a peace in me. She used her home made crystal filled lavender pillows on my eyes for extra relaxation which was a very nice touch to end the class with. After every session I feel mentally and physically stronger thanks to her support and unlimited brightness.”

LynnSydney, NSW

“I am fairly new to yoga only practicing within the last year of my life, and although Katie is one of my most favourite humans and dear friend I had never practiced yoga with her before. Our interest started at different times with the practice. I witnessed Katie never really love Yoga to finding herself completely submerged in the beautiful benefits it was bringing to her life not only in body but in soul. She truly discovered the work IN of the practice not just the wonderful work out. Having witnessed the spiritual changes in her as her friend it was a beautiful thing to see, and encouraged and inspired me. We live in different countries now, but recently we had the chance to visit and I I had the extreme pleasure of some one on one Yoga with her. She truly has found her passion. Her peaceful method of teaching and watchful eye to adjust and accommodate as she teaches was stellar. I thoroughly enjoyed her teaching and wish I was closer to partake in it regularly! She loves what she does and it truly shows. She takes the time to create a wonderful experience from the music to the amazing paradise pillow for savasana. I would recommend her to any beginner or otherwise! there was no intimidation and above all else she teaches with abundant love and it is evident and felt. ”


“"Another lovely relaxation on Sunday - thank you so much. I was blissed out for the entire day and I'm still not sure what our lunch companions were talking about :)"”

Michaelfrom Restorative Yoga Workshop

“Coming away from my first class I found myself googling yoga, mindfulness morning routines. It really did have a positive effect on me. Work happens, calendar gets booked up and I might have missed a few sessions but I would love to continue going forward I just know I need to make time for it. I really enjoyed the environment Katie created. I am going to try out my gym’s yoga & actually worried I won’t enjoy it as much! Thanks for the introduction to mindfulness, it has been great!”

Emma - MirvacBrisbane, QLD

“I have really enjoyed Katie's yoga classes since they started last year at Mirvac. I have gotten so much out of the classes and really enjoy her style of teaching and approach to the practice. It has been such a nice part of my week and so easy to pop down and spend some time focusing on well-being, I think everyone should be doing it!”

Lindsay - CPLBrisbane, QLD

“I enjoy doing yoga at lunch. I am not very flexible and don’t stretch enough so really need to continue practicing yoga. Being able to go to a class at lunch is so convenient and it’s a great way to break up the day. Katie varies her classes which I like (I don’t get bored). Timing of 45 minutes is good as well – fits into the one hour lunch period.”

Lisa- CovermoreBrisbane, QLD

“Katie approaches her teaching with enormous thoughtfulness and care. She accommodates individual needs into her plan to make each yoga session purposeful in building strength and flexibility. I have found her classes and meditation sessions extremely beneficial to my working life and my overall well-being.”

Employee- The Smith FamilyBrisbane, QLD

“I have thoroughly enjoyed it and have already put some methods into practice. Thanks for the opportunity to join in.”

Sue - LivingstonesBrisbane, QLD

“I found Katie’s guided meditation to be calming, relaxing and easy to follow. I couldn’t believe I was able to meditate for an extended period and I left feeling focused, energized and ready to tackle the next task. I’ve also been able to apply some of the techniques in my everyday life.”

Philippa, IFAABrisbane

“Thank you for your wonderful yoga class. I look forward to it each week and find it very helpful that the class is during working hours as it reminds to relax and stress less about work. I walk away from your class feeling like I’m walking on a cloud.”

Allison, DXC HealthBrisbane

“I always have the best sleep ever after my lunchtime classes with Katie. I don't know if it's a coincidence or what, but it's the best sleep I have all week! ”


“"I have loved your classes this year, Thanks Katie!"”

NadiaOrigin Energy

“I have always done a lot of running and cycling (no stretching!) and was keen to try yoga however had struggled to fit in the time.

"The lunch time sessions have been great. Very welcoming, peaceful, and really “opened up my joints”. Looking forward to getting back into it in 2019."”

DavidCommonwealth Bank

“"Thank you for bringing some Zen into our workdays."”

Marc180 Ann St.

“"By doing the lunchtime yoga (even though only for a few weeks), I was starting to find improvements in balance and flexibility, and definite improvement in my levels of both physical and mental stress. As an instructor I found Katie to be really approachable, encouraging, supportive and inclusive of all ability levels."”

PaulaQLD Gov.

“Thanks for another year of yoga sanctuary. I appreciate what you bring to your work and ours so much. ”

Tenant at 340 Adelaide St.

“Thank you for introducing yourself with us (me)! Loved spending time in your classes! ”

Tenant at 340 Adelaide St.

“In the unending dynamism of our way of life, you create a tranquil space each Tuesday in your sessions. Thank you for your patience & kindness. ”

Tenant at 410 Ann St.